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Video of children forcefully removed from foster home

Michael McMillan on A Current Affair - Channel 9

Video available here.

Treated like criminals, the 14-year-old is held down and handcuffed while the other, a nine-year-old, is dragged, screaming from the only home she has ever known. 

In the video, both girls are visibly distressed and can be heard crying and begging police to leave them alone.

So how did it get to this?

The two girls in the video have two other siblings and all four had been in the care of the foster parents for eight years, until six weeks ago when the two middle children asked to be moved.

Criminal lawyer Michael McMillan, who is acting for the foster parents, told A Current Affair that after the eldest sibling arrived at her new placement, she ran away and returned to the original foster home.

When the youngest child turned up too, that was when the department called the police to remove the children.

"The police were called to enforce the departments order, the power was cut, the door was kicked in and these two little girls were arrested like wanted, brazen criminals for doing nothing more than expressing their desire to remain with the people they love," Mr McMillan said.

"In 20 plus years I've never seen anything more disgraceful. It's absolutely reprehensible."

Mr McMillan said he had told the foster parents not to interfere with the police during the encounter or they would face arrest.

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