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Tallai Man Avoids Jail Time For Serious Fire Arms Offence

A Tallai man who had 7 concealed weapons on his property has avoided jail and been charged just under $3,000 for possession of firearms.

"You can't have semi automatic firearms in your possession, it's a very serious offense .. He is very lucky to be out [of jail] considering the sort of firearms he had " - Michael McMillan

Video: Tallai Man Avoids Jail Time For Serious Fire Arms Offence

Video transcript

Presenter: A Tallai father who claims he hid 7 dangerous weapons to keep goannas off his property has been fined almost $3,000. Police made the disturbing discovery after raiding his home last year.

Alex Bernhardt: Darrel Lyons says he’s a man of the land. In his opinion having a Taser, crossbows, and semi-automatic shotguns to protect his chickens is perfectly fine. Police from the middle east crime squad raided the 38-year-old’s Tallai home late last year – what they found could kill a lot more than goannas.

Michael McMillan: You can’t have semi-automatic firearms in your possession, it’s a very serious offence.

Alex Bernhardt: Police uncovered a .22 calibre Ruger rifle, complete with a scope and silencer, hidden behind a TV cabinet. He told officers that was it, but police kept searching. Hidden in a mattress they found a .33 calibre lever action rifle, with 2 rounds inside, plus 8 spare bullets, 2 hand held crossbows concealed in a closet, and a Taser by his bedside. Even more concerning, a 7.6mm SKK Chinese style assault rifle.

Michael McMillan: He is very lucky to be out, considering the sort of firearms he had.

Alex Bernhardt: On the same night as this dramatic arrest of the Bandito bikie, they also caught Lyons nearby with capsicum spray. Though the cases are not connected.

Alex Bernhardt: In sentencing, the Magistrate slammed Lyons’ perceived right to bear arms to protect his chickens, telling him there’s absolutely no excuse, and the safety of his family and the community is paramount.

Alex Bernhardt: Lyons has been given a six-month jail sentence, wholly suspended for 2 years. The weapons will be destroyed.

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