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Murder Charge

If you have been charged with murder you must have a competent criminal lawyer on your case from the moment you are charged.  Mistakes made by less competent legal representation in the early stages of a matter, like for example when considering the issue of bail for a murder suspect, can inadvertently assist the prosecution case against you, or at worst remove possible defences you may have had available to you later on.  These types of cases are prosecuted with real vigour and so each move made by your legal representative must be very carefully considered.

You will also find that during a murder investigation the police cast their net for incriminating evidence a lot wider than when investigating other matters.  They search for evidence of motive, for example, by picking through financial arrangements or dredging up stories of broken relationships. 

Criminal Lawyer for Murder Related Cases

Often, though, what they find amounts to very little without their interpretation of it.  A criminal lawyer experienced in murder cases should be independently investigating these elements of the crime in order to exclude them from possible use in the case against his client. 

Remember, in such a serious matter as murder, the State will have access to all sorts of specialists whose evidence they will use to attempt to convict you.  They may, for example, use toxicologists to show poisoning or ballistics experts to match bullets to firearms.  This type of evidence can prove to be devastating in court.  But a criminal lawyer experienced in murder cases will have access to an equally impressive array of experts to potentially combat the opinions expressed by the State’s specialist witnesses.

Make no mistake, if you ever needed experience on your side it is when you are charged with murder.

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