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Murder Charge - Edward Lord

Video: Murder Charge - Edward Lord

After a long 18-month investigation, police extradited a Bonogin man, Edward Lord, to NSW to face allegations he killed his wife of 25 years.

Lord's lawyer, Michael McMillan indicates that his client will be fighting the murder charge.

Presenter 1: A Bonogin man has been extradited to NSW to face allegations he killed his wife of 25 years. It follows what police have described a long and complex 18-month investigation.

Presenter 2: Driven from the Southport watch house by detectives, Edward Lord extradited to NSW, to be charged with murdering his wife of 25 years.

Police Officer: Significant amounts of evidence has been gathered over a long period of time in a very complex case.

Presenter 2: In October 2015, the car he and his wife Michelle were travelling in plunged into the Tweed River. The court heard Lord has been under investigation ever since. An inquest heard some of Michele’s injuries weren’t consistent with the crash. In April 2016 Lord was charged with negligent driving causing death.

Police Officer: [Inaudible] detectives had continued the investigation since that time and gathered sufficient evidence to now prefer a charge of murder.

Presenter 2: Lord's lawyer has already indicated his client will be fighting the murder charge. Telling a magistrate at the Southport court this morning, that his client performed CPR on his wife in the moments after the crash.

Michael McMillan: It's completely inconsistent and inconceivable that someone would want on one hand kill his wife and on the other hand, be trying to save her life.

Presenter 2: Lord is due to face Byron Court tomorrow. 

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