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Why McMillan?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence of any type, it is imperative that you deal with it using an experienced Criminal Defence lawyer.

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Gold Coast Criminal Defence Lawyer

Have you been charged with a criminal offence on the Gold Coast? If you or someone you care about have been charged with a crime of any type, it’s essential that you have an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer on your side.

The consequences for committing a crime on the Gold Coast can see you facing anything from licence restrictions to hefty fines and even jail time. Even seemingly minor criminal charges such as drink driving offences can carry with them lengthy periods of licence disqualification, consequences on your insurance and continued employment, restrictions on your ability to travel and even jail time.

If you forego representation the first time you don’t get a second chance. Make sure you are properly represented the first time by calling McMillan Criminal Law as soon as you are charged.

Michael McMillan is an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer representing clients facing all manner of criminal charges in Gold Coast Courts. From aggravated assault to drug charges, Centrelink fraud, murder, manslaughter, drink drivingDVOs, sex crimes and robbery charges, having good representation can mean the difference between your future and suffering long-lasting consequences.

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