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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about McMillan Criminal Law's criminal defence services.

How much is a consultation?

An initial consultation costs $150.00 for a maximum of 1 hour. Often this is incorporated in the total being charged. View a breakdown of our fees.

Is it advisable to speak to the police?

As a general rule, no one is required to answer any questions asked of them by the police. In fact, answering an investigating police officer’s questions will generally never assist you. More often than not, it will land you in more hot water. 

Whenever spoken to by police remember your right to silence and immediately contact an experienced criminal lawyer.

The police have told me I don’t need a lawyer. Is that true?

This is one of the strangest questions I am ever asked. I wonder why anyone who has been charged by the police would think any advice then given to them by the police would be in their best interests. If the police are prosecuting you, they are the last people you should be taking advice from. 

Everyone who has been charged with an offence should seek the assistance on an experienced criminal lawyer. Without one, you are maximising your chances of a disaster that will last a lifetime.

Can any lawyer handle my criminal matter?

The short answer to this; would you consult a podiatrist to fix a problem with your heart?  Of course not. 

Like most things in life, specialists are trained to deal with problems that others are not experienced with. If you consult a non criminal lawyer to deal with your criminal matter, you are putting your life in the hands of someone who might not know what they are doing.

Will I have to speak in court?

Unless it is a matter where I intend to take evidence from you in the witness box, I will ensure that you are not required to speak. Those who aren’t familiar with court procedures might inadvertently say the wrong thing. My years of experience mean that I will express all that needs to be said without asking you to speak in court at all.

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