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Child Pornography Offences

Possessing, Making or Distributing Child Exploitation Material

This type of offence occurs when a person possesses images of children under the age of 16 and it doesn’t matter whether they are of actual or animated children.

Given that the images are generally located on personal devices like phones or computers, cases involving child pornography defence are very difficult. Consequently, most people charged with these offences are likely to face sentencing.


In 2013, the penalties for committing offences relating to possession of child exploitation material in Queensland have more than doubled in severity. Actual imprisonment is no longer considered a sentence or last resort for them. Matters which dramatically affect the applicable sentencing range include accurate diagnosis of the cause of the offense and thorough relevant rehabilitation.


My experience has shown that identifying a genuine medical trigger for such conduct dramatically reduces an offender’s culpability and proper treatment lessens the need for deterrent penalties like imprisonment.

In NSW, it was recently affirmed that unless 'exceptional circumstances' exist, a sentence of immediate imprisonment is warranted for offences relating to child pornography. 

Arguing 'Exceptional Circumstances'

When looking for 'exceptional circumstances', very careful attention should be paid to matters such as:

There may be one or many other matters that a court can take into consideration when trying to identify ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Given the extremely narrow scope of factors that may constitute ‘exceptional circumstances’, only a criminal lawyer that is experienced in these types of cases will be able to identify and effectively present the relevant factors to a court that will qualify your case as having ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Here are just a couple of examples of sentences in which our client avoided a period of imprisonment:

The Queen v [Client name redacted]

The Queen v [Client name redacted]

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