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Centrelink Fraud

One of the most common forms of fraud which finds its way into the criminal courts is receiving Centrelink benefits in circumstances where the benefit was obtained by dishonesty, for example:

Unfortunately though, people just don't realise how seriously courts treat this type of offence. If the period over which the benefit was dishonestly received is substantial and the amount taken significant, then jail becomes the most likely sentencing option for a court. This is where a very carefully constructed and delivered plea in mitigation by a seasoned criminal lawyer might save you from serving a term of imprisonment. 

Similarly, if you intend to defend the allegation, you will almost certainly be overwhelmed by the size and complexity of the prosecution brief you need to defeat. In addition to that, you will be necessarily confronted with an assortment of legal issues that you will not be equipped to understand.

Placing your matter in the hands of an experienced criminal defence lawyer will provide you with the best opportunity to avoid conviction. 

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