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Why McMillan?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence of any type, it is imperative that you deal with it using an experienced Criminal Defence lawyer.

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Criminal Defence Lawyer Gold Coast & Brisbane

The wrong choice of criminal lawyer can cost you dearly. Promises of vast experience or the posting of unverifiable testimonials can dupe a client into believing they are safe, when in fact they aren’t. Unfortunately for most clients the realisation of their mistake occurs as they’re being lead from the courtroom to a waiting prison cell.

Experience as a criminal lawyer doesn’t come from a previous career as a police officer, or adding together the years of practice each member of a law firm has acquired. It comes from fearlessly bringing all sorts of criminal law matters to a conclusion personally – wherever they may be.

In a career spanning two decades I have gained experience most criminal lawyers only ever dream of. For example, some lawyers claim to be experienced in all courts of superior jurisdiction, when what that really mean is that they sat next to a barrister in those courts while the barrister performed all the advocacy. I, on the other hand, have actually appeared as an advocate in every jurisdiction in Queensland, including several reported cases from the highest court in Queensland – the Court of Appeal. Less than a handful of criminal lawyers could honestly make such a claim. This is the sort of work that imparts experience. It allows me a unique level of insight and confidence that makes my work a stand out amongst my peers.

It is no surprise then that you will find no unverifiable testimonials on this website. There is no need. Each of the media clips or footage found in this website depicts me appearing in unusual or difficult matters. Where, because of the people or law involved, the stakes are higher than usual. They are themselves testimonials. Those clients chose McMillan Criminal Law because they understand that a great deal is needed in the courtroom and this firm is the only one that can deliver it.

Consider what has been said and chose your criminal lawyer wisely - your future may depend on it!

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